Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter blahs and life choices.

The other day I got some terrible news.

One of my best friends, who I love like a sister, has been trying for a baby with her wonderful husband for over two years now. With many ups and downs, and doctors visits, and fertility treatments, they had finally gotten pregnant.

She told me last week that she had lost the baby.

It's an unimaginable pain to lose a child, born or unborn, and it's been a rough road for her, one that she still has a lot of healing to do before she can leave. All I can hope to do for her is support her and be there for her for whatever she needs.

I'm at the stage in my life where a lot of my friends are starting families, and this hit home for me a little more than other news might. It got me thinking about the choices we make in life, how we prioritize our lives. Careers, loved ones, family, parents, children, cars, homes, vacations, what order do we place these things on our life list?

How often do we say, "I can do this later", or "That can wait", or "Someday I'll be able to..."?

Life is short. Disaster, tragedy, happiness, explosive diarrhea, all of these things could happen at any moment.

Hopefully less with the explosive diarrhea.

But the fact that these uncertainties exist make living terrible and precious and wonderful all at the same time, in my opinion. I am WAAAAY too Type-A and mega-planner to ever say "Life is short, let's spontaneously fly to Europe or the moon" (hey, it could happen someday.). But taking a big inhale-exhale once a day and appreciating the small and beautiful things in my life isn't hard to do, as long as I am conscious and remember. I have a wonderful family. My husband is mindblowingly awesome. I just downloaded a killer album on iTunes. 

What are the beautiful things in your life? Store away those things, in your memory if nowhere else. Life is short. Make it sweet.

And on a lighter note, here is a picture of my fur-baby dressed up as Santa Claus (Santa Claws? too punny?).

Happy 2013!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend .. but hopefully they don't give up and one day, their dreams will come true. We just had our second child 2 weeks ago .. and I never understood how much kids could change ones life .. for the better of course~ ... btw .. where did explosive diarrhea come from? did it just pop in your head, or are you speaking from recent experiences? LoL

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Henry, I can only hope love and time will help her heal. Congratulations on your new addition!

      Additionally, don't discount explosive diarrhea! I watched Bridesmaids could happen in a wedding dress!