Monday, January 28, 2013

Every day I'm dabblin'...

Ok, well not every day. But this weekend we were dabblin'.....BEER dabblin', that is.

In order to combat the wintry weather of the Great White North, we here Minnesotans like to come up with interesting and crazy activities to partake in during the 9 months of winter!

Just kidding. It's more like 6 months of winter.

Also, if any of you out there like to drink beer, you will have noticed that microbrews are all the rage these days! What is a microbrew, you ask? Well, broadly speaking, it's a small brewery (usually local, usually with a funny name) that likes to make specialty brews. Basically anything that isn't Anheuser-Busch or Miller.

Hubs is a HUGE fan of specialty brews, he's an aspiring brewer himself (we churn out a batch of beers every couple of months out of our basement), and so we joined with some friends and braved the chill for the 4th Annual Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival!!

What is this exciting event, you ask?? It involves hundreds of small breweries each setting up a booth and serving delicious samplings of winter brews, a smattering of local food trucks serving up steaming hot edibles, some music and disco fun, and all of the attendees wearing snowsuits and getting uproariously drunk. All outside. All in 10 degree weather. For 4 hours.

It was...a riot. We drank delicious brew samplings, had goodnatured conversations with friends and strangers alike, and boogied. I managed to snap some pics as well. Enjoy!!

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  1. Is that a pretzel necklace I see?? Amazing! Minnesotans really know how to have fun!! Wish we had some snow here too!