Thursday, January 31, 2013

Date Night Sausage Fest!

....Quite literally, a sausage fest.

Hubs and I discovered (thanks to some friends) that the Panera that was closest to us in Nordeast Minneapolis had gone under...*notearsthere*...and had been replaced by a sausage restaurant.

Ummm really?!

Well, I am usually ambivalent about sausage, oh me of the pork-less culinary life, but I do like adventurous eating. And Hubbles, well, you don't have to convince him twice to try sausage for dinner.

So off we went to New Bohemia, a "wurst and bier haus". So German. Hubs was in his element.


The food and beer selection was quite to our liking. They have over 20 beers on tap, and NONE of them are Miller Lite. I liked it already. I tried a couple different brews while I was there...Hubby couldn't decide. He picked a flight of beers, and it arrived on a paddle. 

 They had a bunch of non-pork options, I almost leaped across the counter and hugged the girl taking our order.

Hubs (surprise surprise) ordered the German style sausage. We then decided to try a pheasant sausage, and a rattlesnake-rabbit-jalapeno sausage.

So much sausage!

We ordered some slaw and fries and settled down at one of the long benches to drink our beers, eat our food, and watch some Badger basketball. They lost. But the food was a big WIN so it all evened out!

 Watch out New Bohemia, the Brunners are coming back at you. Soon.

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