Monday, December 10, 2012

Twinkle Lights Trolley Ride!

December always means one thing for me. ChristmasTime!

Tis the season to tra-la-la-la-la--la----lley!

Hmm. Trolley.

Anyway, thanks to LivingSocial, Hubs and I got to take a rare Saturday date night last weekend! We bought a deal (Living Social calls them "adventures"...I call them excuses to leave the house) called the "Twinkle Lights Trolley Ride".

I am a nut about holiday lights. I love all things twinkly and sparkly and Christmas-y, and the idea of getting to take a tour on a trolley to see twinkle lights was too much to pass up. Plus it included a cocktail and dessert afterwards!

So off we went!

Place: Great Waters Brewing Company in St. Paul, start and end the Holly Jolly Trolley!

Event: Lots of boozing and sightseeing nighttime twinkle lights!

Hubs and I bought a growler of beer from the pub to take on the trolley. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a growler is, I have now discovered it is just a hipster word for JUG. We bought a JUG of beer and finished it on the 2 hour tour.

It turned out to be hilarious fun! Everyone on the trolley was in various states of inebriation, the houses we toured took twinkle lights to UBERmode (read: walking tour, costumes, and photo ops with Santa on the front lawn), and our trolley driver Bill even stopped for a potty break so we drunks could finish the tour with class.

Afterwards we rallied to the Great Waters dining room for a cocktail and dessert. I had my first steamy cup of wassail, which it turns out is an alcoholic drink involving cider and spices. Hubby ate his apple crisp, then ate half of my chocolate cake. Never come between my Hubs and a dessert, unless you enjoy being in mortal peril.
The Grinch invades our trolley!
I saw him and screamed SAAANTA!! Like Buddy the Elf. Classy.

1987 Christmas Bear in a display...on someone's lawn. I have the same one!
Photo Op with Santa!!!

Hubby is excited about the Rudolph clay-mation display.


  1. Wow .. so people just let you walk up on their lawns to see their decorations? Sounds like you guys had fun!!

    1. Not only did they let us, they stood outside in full costume and handed out candy canes!! It was a lot of fun!

    2. LoL .. only in Minnesota! Try that here in Cali and you'll get shanked~ hahaha