Saturday, September 1, 2012

MN State Fair Shenanigans!

I will admit that there is at least one great thing about living in Minneapolis. For 10 days every summer, just before Labor Day, we have what we like to call "The Great Minnesota Get-Gogether".

It's the State Fair, of course!!

Mostly involves paying marked-up prices for really unhealthy food. And lots of beer. But HEY, I am okay with that!!

Breaded and fried candy bars on a stick? Yes please! Roasted corn-on-the-cob dipped in butter? Sign me up! Beer-garita? I'll take two!!

This year we went with some of our closest friends. It was a blast. Even though one of my girls is pregnant, she was a trooper. We walked all over, consumed about 3868439 calories worth of food and beer, and did some hilarious people-watching. Like these silly little boys. Who has the gall to come into public wearing these shirts? Vote NO in November, y'all. Check out the info here for the MN amendment. I stopped and took this picture like they were a prize boar, then just continued on my way to donate money for the Vote No cause and receive my button.

ahhh, to be bigoted in public.
Politics aside, it was a really fun time. We tried poutine for the first time (YAY CANADIA!).

Hubby got his Big Fat Bacon on a stick. State Fair tradition. I stayed upwind of the Big Fat Bacon Booth.

After that we just sauntered around and took in the sights! Kelsey was patient and held our beers on multiple occasions, probably drawing misleading judgment from others.

Look boys! Fish!

Hubs got to eat big spicy sausage balls. Aptly named Great Balls of Fire. NOMNOMNOM.

Finally caught with a nonalcoholic drink in her hand!
So many machines to look at, so boring for the ladies. I got some nice candids of our men looking like kids in a candy shop though.

No trip to the fair is complete without a turn at the midway games. Our men showed off their arm strength at the pitching booth.

Hubs tries the billiards game every year at the Fair, to win me a huge stuffed animal. He's 1-4 so far, better luck next year, lover!

Happy State Fair, everyone! See you next year!!

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