Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So, the Olympics...

...have managed to simultaneously captivate my attention, make me very patriotic, motivate me to work hard,...and absolutely crush my productivity. Seriously, all I do every night is manage a few household chores and then watch 4 hours of the Olympics. Who knew rowing could be so darn captivating?!?!

This is also why I've been mostly delinquent on the blog-front. I can't have anything interesting to write about recently when all I've done is watch Bob Costas and be envious of the bodies of Olympic athletes.

Speaking of Olympic bodies, has anyone read this article about how Ryan Lochte is a sexy douchebag? You should really read it. I was snorting because I was laughing so hard. Alone. In my office at school. Rings very true.


Well, I've been looking at my Instagram history, and I guess we did manage to leave the house a few times in the last week. Take a looksy!!

PBRs at the local minor league baseball game. Irrationally happy, these two.

Self camera action at the game.

Maddie spoons with Dad on a hot day.

Out for sushi with Seester. Cool celing art. How Asian.

This is Rufus. He needs a haircut. Hello Rufus. 

Nothing like running down a stranger wearing the same shirt as you and posing for a photo op at the MN Food Truck Fair!

The Fair itself = chaos. At least we got some brewskies!


  1. I know exactly what you mean .. I spent almost 30 minutes watching the womens 10K ... which is like 25 laps or something ... nothing like watching a bunch of women run around a lap 25 times~ hahahaha .. but there I was .. jaw on the floor .. engrossed in the action!! =P I almost watched the women's marathon too .. but sadly, something came up and I wasn't able to watch the middle part .. but I did make it for the exciting jog to the finishline~ hahaha gotta love the Olympics!

    1. Lol, I know! Last night too, BMX biking?! At least they are over on Sunday and normal life can resume. :) Thanks for stopping by!!