Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who needs a radio....

When you have a silly man in your house?

The other day, I was in the shower and feeling demanding. I called forth for Hubbles, who came trotting into the bathroom, and informed him that I wanted to listen to music in the bathroom during my shower session, and that I expected him to sing for me.

I thought I was being pretty cute.

Except that Hubs one-upped me in the silly factor. He immediately charged out of the bathroom, then reappeared moments later with his guitar.

I proceeded to scrub-a-dub away to the sounds of my Hubs wailing away on his guitar--some of the songs were recognizable, some were just jibber-jabber--for the duration of my shower.

Har har har har, we crack ourselves up.

He's a cutie, that husband of mine! He also really likes to wear hats.


  1. he is looking mighty fierce in that first hat!

    1. HAHA I know, right? It's a old-lady suncap from Korea. Gotta love the Asians and their fashion flair.

  2. Men are great entertainment. But there sometimes is no off switch which can bite ya in the butt

    1. So true!! Like sometimes I want to watch the Olympics without a running sarcastic commentary behind it. Hasn't happened yet. :)