Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet Tomato Chicken and Barley Corn Salad...WIN!

Oh my bleep, a revelation in vinaigrette. By the way, I learned how to spell vinaigrette while typing this post.

I read Kristin's Iowa Girl Eats Blog pretty regularly, she always has good recipe ideas and some funny things to say. A recent recipe post was about cherry tomato vinaigrette (homemade!) sounded delicious, and I usually try to make interesting recipes on Wednesdays because Little Seester comes over for dinner on Wednesdays. She works hard, and deserves a little tummy therapy, right? She also likes to tell really gross hospital stories during dinner. Blarf.

I sort of followed this recipe. Closer than I usually follow recipes, and it was pretty darn good! *patpatontheback*

The tomato vinaigrette was surprisingly easy! I usually forgo salad dressing and just toss in olive oil because I'm lazy for health purposes, but this one could be a repeat. Just throw it all in the food processor and blend!

Cherry tomatoes (sweeter than regular, worth it), a little red onion, a little garlic.

Red wine vinegar...

Lemon juice...(don't judge me. I usually use fresh lemons, but this has been waiting to get used up for a while.)

Olive oil, salt and pepper. Zip zip. Doesn't look like a whole lot, but it was sweet, and tomato-ey, and tart like lemon, and zippy like vinegar. Delish. Plus it worked double-time as a marinade for the chicken!

 Thighs were on sale. I know, I know, breasts are healthier, but I like a good deal on chicken.

Half of the vinaigrette goes on the chicken, the other half is saved for the salad. This just sat in the fridge for about 45 minutes while I moved onto the salad portion of the recipe. 

Again, super easy! Hello, barley! Nice to meet you. How you doin. My first barley experience. I am no longer a barley virgin.

This post is getting dirty. Moving on.

While that was cooking away, I just piled a bunch of veggies into a bowl (red onion, the rest of the tomatoes, some corn, some black beans). The recipe called for bacon. I might piss some people off, but I don't do bacon. Hubby has resigned himself to a bacon-less home life.

Once the barley was done, drained, and cooled a little, I just tossed it in along with the veggies, the rest of the vinaigrette, a little diced avocado, and some fresh parsley from the garden. Yum Yum.

I prevailed upon Hubs's grill expertise for the chicken. HE IS MAN. HE WILL GRILL.

Finished product!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Check out the link at the top of the post for the actual recipe. I can't be bothered with measurements most of the time.


  1. Mmmmm .. props to the hubs on the grilled chicken~ Looks soOoOoo good!! and your salad looks okay too .. LoL .. Meat Meat Meat!! and was the hubs FORCED to resign from bacon? Poor guy~

    1. Lol he's welcome to bacon as long as he cooks it...but I do 99.5% of the cooking like a good housewife, so I have meat-veto (meat-o?) power. :)

  2. This looks yummy! If you get a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo