Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hotsie Totsie Date Night!

Well it has been WARM these past few days, hasn't it? I'm talking to you, most of the U.S. I have not been appreciating the heat lately, but I have also been greatly appreciating the person who invented air conditioning.

In light of the massive heat wave striking our nation (including where we live), Hubby and I struck out for date night yesterday. We were in the boyitshotletsfindavenuewherewecancooloff sort of mood for a date.

Of course that didn't really pan out, we ended up at a hotsie-totsie venue instead. In more ways than one!

Place: Pizzeria Lola, in South Minneapolis.

Event: Lots of sweating and eating pizza and drinking beers.

Hubbles and I saw Pizzeria Lola on TV a while back. My favorite bleach-blond foodie from Food Network, Guy Fieri, was doin' his thang on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and that man digs our city! He did a bit at Pizzeria Lola (I'll put the video below), and introduced the Brunner house to a magical thing, Kimchi Pizza.

I hail from the land of Kimchi, and obviously Hubs has been taken on the joyride that is the spices of Korean food, so naturally we watched the whole thing whilst wiping drool off our faces. So we picked one of the hottest nights of the year to sally forth and try it.

There was a 45 minute wait for a table! On a Tuesday night! Granted it was the day before a holiday. Hubs and I ordered beers, waited patiently, and admired the gigantic pizza oven.

We ordered a baby beet and arugula salad to start, but the freakin' HIGHLIGHT of the night was the "Lady ZaZa", the Kimchi-loaded, spicy-volcano pizza that showed up at our table.

As if the temperature, the pizza oven, and the completely packed restaurant weren't enough, we consumed a pizza that made us sweat everything out of our pores at once.

We had to cool off the night with a scoop of their home-made vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt. Ahhhhh. 

I had the dish stolen from me by the end so that Hubs could scoop every last melty, vanilla drop of goodness out of the bottom.

Stay cool, everyone!

Check out the DDD episode here! Lola is first in the order so you don't have to watch all of it. Did I mention she makes her OWN kimchi for the pizza! She shows you. I almost died right there in my chair.


  1. Mmmmm .. kimchi pizza~ It really must've been hot .. cuz I've never seen or heard a korean say that any type of kimchi has made them sweat~ LoL .. they need to add some bulgogi on it .. that would really yummy it up!!

    1. They have a separate Korean BBQ pizza that I'm dying to Henry, they also had serrano peppers and korean chili sauce on that pie, hence the sweating. My Korean palate was at it's limit in a good way!

    2. LoL .. sure sure .. blame the serrano peppers and korean chili sauce~ hahaha I've had korean BBQ pizza's .. and they have all been awesome~ If you try it, take some pics and let us know how it was~!!