Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary Date Night!

Over the 6-year hump are we!

Hubs and I started dating 6 years ago, then forgot when we started dating, then arbitrarily picked July 23rd as our anniversary. Of course, now that we're married we have a new "official" anniversary, but I like more (rather than less) reasons to celebrate!!

Also, we've put in a lot of time into this relationship, recognize. *gangsta-hands*

Hubby and I have sub-consciously distinguished this anniversary from our wedding anniversary by re-naming it.

(Preface: the two of us are really into bears. Like, bears are my favorite animal, we call each other "bear", we call our friends "Insertname-bear". It's mildly obsessive.)

So yesterday we went out to dinner to celebrate our 6th Anni-BEAR-sary.

Cheesy? Maybe. Hilarious? Yes.

 We went to Tom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen last night. Hubby made reservations!! What? He planned ahead! I was in disbelief pleasantly baffled by that fact. I also was pleasantly baffled by the lady in the parking garage who complimented my $12 Old Navy sundress, then was disappointed when I informed her it was from Old Navy. That's right, I am cheap and classy. And sassy.

I digress.

Dinner started with cocktails. Duh.

I had my good old standby, Crispin Honeycrisp hard apple cider. It's delicious. I had to restrain myself from chugging it all before the food came.

 Hubbles had.....THE KOREAN HUSTLE!!! We got excited when we saw it on the menu.

It's made of Soju...Hubs loved it! So refreshing and boozy at the same time!

We got beef tenderloin spring rolls to start. Hubby will order anything that comes with peanut sauce. Then attempt to lick the plate clean.

For dinner I got two deliciously deep-fried soft-shell crabs. NOMNOMNOM.

Hubs went a little AZIAN and ordered the AZIAN burger. It came with a side of kimchi!!

I felt like running around the restaurant yelling "VIVA KOREA" after that dinner. Even though we both agreed the kimchi was not as good as we've had in the past.

Happy Anni-bear-sary Hubby, I pulled the Korean Hustle on you, getting you to stay with me for 6 fabulous years!