Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July Cake Fail

In order to celebrate America's 236th birthday this year, I was pin-spired (read: inspired by yet another pin I saw on Pinterest) to bake a cake! 

You guys, I AM NOT a baker. When baked goods are in need, I use boxed mixes. I was born with some sort of defect that makes me incapable of following recipes, and this trait does not make for good baking skillz.

HOWEVER, this picture of strawberry coconut cake was too much for me to resist:

See what I mean? I don't even like coconut that much, and I wanted to eat my computer screen. Thus begins the Great Brunner Independence Day Cake Fail of 2012. I should preface all of this by reminding you that here in MN on July 4th it was about 107 degrees outside. No exaggeration.

Everything started out great. I even got motivated by the recipe and pureed and diced strawberries like a professional.

Mixy mixy...Adding nommy ingredients. I was so jacked up for this cake that I didn't even mind preheating the oven-and as a result, my entire kitchen-to 350 degrees.

I had so much hope for these babies!

Post-bake is when disaster began. See the cake on the right? Yeeaaahhh, it's in pieces. I dropped it.

Oops. I was kind of hoping that icing everything together would solve my problem. Forgetting, of course that it was 107 degrees outside, no way anything icing-related was setting up in this heat.

Looks okay, though, right? I smushed it all together. With icing...and several toothpicks. It still kind of slid apart.

You know what, it tasted great still. Maybe I can convert this into a cupcake recipe. Because making a layer cake is clearly not in my wheelhouse of talents. Haha.

Let's compare:


vs. Insane Pinterest picture:


Oh my jeebus, you guys, you have no idea how much this made me laugh at my sad baking self. I took pictures fully intending to post immediately about a fabulous strawberry took 4 days for the shame to subside. But at least it was funny and delicious, if not aesthetically pleasing.

Happy Birthday America!

If you feel like you can do better than me (probably wouldn't be hard), click here for the original post where I got this recipe. 


  1. LoL .. you're a Minnesotan and you don't know how to bake?? Hrmmm .. =P This post just cracked me up .. cuz the cake looked so good .. and I was rooting for you cuz you were so determined .. but once you said you dropped one of the layers .. I knew this wasn't going to end well~ LoL ... and I'll take your word for it that it tasted yummy! It looks like something that should be eaten with a blindfold~ =) Good try though .. I don't think I could've made it any better ... and I would give the recipe to my wife, but she's worse than I am in the kitchen!! hahaha

    1. haha yes, I am a miserable failure as a baker...glad it was also funny for you! Hubs thought it was pretty hilarious as well as he helped me toothpick the cake together. :)