Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today, in an effort to stave off a caffeine headache, I drank a big mug of coffee in approximately 5 minutes. Then I drank a ton of water to stave off the burning of the tongue...unsuccessfully. So now I am sweaty with a burnt tongue. I'msohotIknowthanks. Has anyone else gotten really sick of this massive heat wave? I raise my hand for that, the girl without central air. I'm digging my cool, dim, basement lab this week.

Life has been blissfully uneventful lately for me and Hubby. Which is nice for me, not so nice for blogging I guess. I've been pondering what it is I should be writing about the past couple of days...

Beauty tips? So trite and overdone...

Fashion? From the girl who wears jeans and t-shirts to her lab every day, not-so-much.

Food? It's been so hot out I haven't cooked a thing that hasn't been on the grill.

And so, because I am sorely lacking in interesting things to say, I'll leave you with what my days have been lately. In this stifling heat, all I can really muster up the energy to do is nap with Hubby and take pictures of my feline children.

Hopefully I can tell you a fun story next time, tonight is our Weekly Date Night!

zzzzzz....I iz sweepy.

Jelly beans intrigue me, mom.

Hubs and I played Trivial Pursuit the other night. Madison emerged as the victor.

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  1. I feel for you guys~ I thought it was hot out here in Cali, but looking at the east coast heat wave, and the people without power for AC .. I'm kinda loving LA right now~ Hahaha .. come winter though, I'll be jealous again~ Try to stay cool .. have a great date night~ My wife and I had ours yesterday .. and it was great~