Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strangely enough...

I'm leaving the country again! This usually doesn't happen, I'm one of the most home-bound people I know. Not by choice, because traveling is 'spensive and this girl currently makes less than any kid with a decent paper route.

But after our Eastern hemisphere-trotting honeymoon, I'm now heading off to a place that is clean, and polite, and magical, and 100% literate (at least that's what they tell me). A place where IKEA and H&M rule like kings, a place where girls with dragon tattoos ride around on motorcycles and solve murder mysteries with Daniel Craig.

I'm talking, of course, about SWEDEN!!!

I'm super pumped, it's my first Europe trip. I've always been disproportionately jealous of people who get to go to Europe like it's no big deal...I've always wanted to go and now I am!!

It's not France or Florence, but it's still Europe!

Now I'm going to take a class at the Karolinska Institute on mechanisms of neuropathic pain, so it won't be a vacation so much as what the course director calls "a week of intense pain", but it's still a free trip to Stockholm, so you won't hear this gal complain!

I told my boss I was going and he just rolled his eyes.

I will hopefully return to a happy husband and kitties, and with lots of pics to share! And much more knowledgable about neuropathic pain, which may or may not be useful to me in the future.

Goodbye for now! My flight leaves in 10.5 hours and I have yet to pack a thing. GTG!!!


  1. Wow~ You're so lucky! Europe is fabulous .. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!! Hope you had fun!

    1. Thanks Henry! It's been a blast so far. I'll post pics soon!