Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My post-traveling days this month have been a busy little whirlwind of routine activities. I've been doing a lot of things like: organizing shoes. And: running to the grocery store. And let's not forget: spending copious amounts of time in my lab doing research to appease my boss for having left the country for 3 weeks in the past month.

It's also been a time where I haven't seen my darling dearest husband a whole lot...first I was abroad, then he went on his annual boys' fishing trip for an extended weekend. And in between we've just kind of been twirling around in our own worlds. Needless to say I missed him and I'm glad he's back home.


Let me just give you a small taste of what this man I call my partner-in-life has been doing off without me for 5 days. He calls it his Junestache fishing trip. And this is why.

First he grows a fabulous mustache...as do all the boys on the trip. These guys spend months cultivating the most fantastic facial hair they can imagine. Because obviously, the goal is to upstage your fellow fisher's mustache. Hubbles went with what we call "The Monkey-Tail" this year.

Then he proceeded to attend this Junestache fishing trip, and one morning managed to crash a ladies' Zumba class with a buddy. They then participated. Complete with jangly sashes.

What else is left to do on a Junestache trip but design fabulous knickered outfits and go golfing? Hubs enlisted the help of his mom on this one. Women's capris have never looked so fabulous, eh? Hubby also displays his propensity for pink apparel in this one.

Might I say that a few things have become apparent in this trip.

Number one: Hubby is darn lucky to have a wife who not only understands boys' trips and the subsequent shenanigans, but actually finds them hilarious and encourages them.

Number two: I'm darn lucky to have a man who has a hilarious sense of humor and is unashamed of making a fool of himself when given the appropriate clothing. It makes life that much more entertaining.

Happy Junestache, everyone!


  1. OMG!! His monkey tail is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! I usually shave once a month .. and when I do, I like to do funny things with my stache~ This upcoming month, it's gonna be the monkey tail~ Thank the hubs for me~ I'm sure the wife and kid are gonna love it!

    1. Haha! Hubby read your comment and is flattered. Let me know how the monkey tail goes over with the fam!