Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to fit your world in a suitcase.

Well here I am in Stockholm, and enjoying a little solitary time for a couple hours back at the hotel. It's been great, and I'll post some pics in a couple days once I'm done actually taking all of them!

But all this traveling in such a short period of time has me fully appreciating my travel bags, my list-making skills, and the travel size aisle at Target. I've been on 5 trips in 6 weeks, and life is much easier when you can figure out how to pack appropriately for your trip. So I thought I'd share my skills with you.

Here we go! Hold onto your pants.

The first thing I do whenever I pack is make a list of...things to pack. I am a total list-making-chica, plus I'm so forgetful that if I don't do this I usually end up forgetting something important. Like my wallet. Which has happened before.
 Crossing things off of a list is pretty satisfying, so there's a 2nd nerdy virtue of the list.

Then I take everything I want to pack and pile it up in one big space. I did this in the guest room because Hubs was snoozing still this early in the morning.

 I don't worry about folding here. I just have to have things in one place so I can put it together.

Travel size EVERYTHING for me for toiletries. Especially if it's going to be a longer trip, which is kind of contrary logic, but multiple travel size shampoos still take up less space than a regular bottle. Plus then you can just throw them out when you're done.

So all my toiletries into one travel bag. I got this handy baby at Sephora. I like it because it has a hook so you can hang it up, plus the middle part pulls out in case you just need a couple of things for an overnighter or something.
 Everything in! I start crossing things off. Except my glasses, a brush, my contacts solution, some lotion and some mouthwash. I put that in my carry on so I can have it on the plane. Yes, the little round pink thing is my brush. Travel size, clearance bin at Sephora. Sold!

Then I lay out all of my clothes. Mostly so I can picture some outfits. I'm a pretty consistent overpacker, but this helps rein me in. For a week in Sweden I packed 2 pairs of jeans, some lounge-y pants, and enough tops for 6 outfits. I travel in stretchy pants and a sweatshirt so plane days don't need clothes.

And shoes of course. never forget the shoes.

 Time to start packing! Shoes go first, around the edge I stuff the extra spaces with my delly-cates.

 After shoes, I start rolling. I take all my clothes and roll them up and pack them in, starting with pants/denim, bulky items first, then smaller shirts.

Roll roll roll. Rock and roll. After that I put in anything that I would prefer not to get super wrinkled. I just lay  them on top of the other clothes. Anything electrical (read: curling iron) gets shoved in between the clothes.

In go the toiletries then I'm done with the suitcase!

After that I pile everything into my carry-on. I'm not sure if you all are the type of folks who don't like to check bags. I can understand the sentiment, but I get so annoyed with oversized carryons in overhead bins. I check a bag whenever I can, so long as it's free, because then I can board easily. To each their own!

In goes my brush and all the stuff I left out before, plus makeup (a girl's got to keep it together, even on flights), my wallet, phone, computer, and an eye mask for the plane.

I have a little flat Ralph Lauren travel purse I snagged at the Maxx a while ago and I love it. It's a crossbody, it zips up, and it fits everything into a small space. Even my little flat traveling wallet.

Tada!! All ready! I even had some room in my suitcase left over, which is nice if you want to bring back presents. I bought some stuffs, so we shall see how the return goes.

Tootles! Stay tuned for Sweden pics in a few days!!

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