Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laid-back Date Night...

Boy, has it been one of those days. You know, one of THOSE days...when everything you touch seems to drop on the floor? I managed to drop my wallet, my keys, and my breakfast before I left the house (in a massive hurry no less. I overslept...)

Then I got to school and dropped a couple of glass bottles on the floor of the lab, and I have decided it is time to stop, drink a big mug o' coffee, and gather my bearings (unless I drop them too).

Last night Hubs and I were both late coming home, and I had bought me a Groupon a while ago for a restaurant in our area, so off we went, for a Sarna's Date Night.

Place: Sarna's Grill, in Columbia Heights, just north of our neck-o-the-woods. But not woods. City. It's a sweet little restaurant-slash-bar, a bit generic but they have good food.

Meal: We had a nice Groupon that got us two entrees and two drinks. I ordered a glass of merlot and a T-bone steak. Hubby wanted a glass of chardonnay and the JUMBO SHRIMP DINNER. *nomnomnom*

Hubby and I had a really nice and sweet and serious talk over dinner. Usually we're comparing sports stories we've heard during the day, or perhaps making judgy and snarky comments about other patrons (sorry, but you know you do it too), but tonight we had a little heart-to-heart about our future.

ALERT: In case I don't beat you all over the head with it, I HIGHLY believe that the 2 most important lifelines in a relationship are communication and honesty. Like nothing else comes close to those two. And Hubs and I work pretty hard at keeping both of them around every day.

Long story short, we talked-with both of these tools in mind-about what we see for ourselves in our future, with our careers, and our lives, and our goals.

We have decided that if nothing else, we are going to be raising some beautiful half-Asian babies with each other. Woot.


  1. laid back date nights are the best kind.
    and i plan to raise some half-asian babies, too :)
    xx jes, new follower

  2. Thanks for the follow! half-asian babies are the cutest in my opinion. I dare someone to say otherwise! :)