Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Date Night on a budget...!

On campus, my building is directly next to the student union. And in the basement of the union, there is a chinese place in the food court. And they must have a vent that tunnels out to the door by my building, because thick, heavy, salty wafts of chinese food aromas assault my nostrils every time I leave to go home.

This is all by way of saying I was having a serious jones for chinese food last night. That compiled with the fact that Hubby and I are trying to save monies before our big trip (belated Korean honeymoon, here we come!), inspired our low-budget date night.

Place: Chez Brunner

Event: An indoor living room picnic of take-out chinese food...I fancied it up with some big bottles of wine and silverware.

mmmmmm Szechuan Beef.

I highly suggest indoor picnics as dates. Super budget-friendly and fun! Plus the Twins were playing, so neither of us were really inclined to do much besides watch the game.

Yaaay Twinsies!!!
Welp, the Twinsies lost. To the New York Spankees. Sigh. It was still a good night though, mostly because of my Hubs, chinese food, and of course the ice cream.

I voted for ice cream sammies because the Twins lost.

I'll take any excuse for eating ice cream instead of working out.


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