Monday, April 16, 2012

The Brunners' Dirty Thirty weekend recap...

Sooo, I was so tired on Sunday that my legs were all tingly and achy. What a weekend!

Let's backtrack. My little seester has gotten into the orthopedics residency program here in Minneapolis (YAY!) and so she drove up on Friday so that she could look at apartments...for to live in. So Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the Shin seesters drove around looking at all manner of domiciles for the Little Seester to live in. Big Seester acted as chauffeur and neighborhood guru.

The apartment hunting was productive, and we looked at all of them by Saturday morning! Hooray! Then, as per SOP, the Seesters then went shopping. Because we like spending money love to shop like to spend time together. After shopping and lunch, we returned home and chaos ensued as I got ready for a BBQ/party I was throwing for the Hubs.

Hubby is almost 30!! I think it's at least a worthwhile milestone in life, if not an exciting one, but Hubs has been a little mope-sy and down in the dumps about it. So I decided to throw a little bash at our house and invite some peeps over so that he could have something 30-esque to excitedly look forward to.


We made a pre-emptive Costco trip earlier in the week so that we could pick up most of the goodies. And so that I could force Hubby to go freezer-diving for a box of Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sammies on sale.

Spelunking at Costco.
Saturday = Day of Party = Day that Angie morphed into a pasta-salad-making, dip-spooning, floor-scrubbing crazy lady.

It turned out to be worth it though, it was a great party with great friends and great food *patsselfonback*.

Hubby ended up dipping into a bottle of scotch that night. Then he rolled around on the kitchen floor trying to pick up crumbs. Then he passed out on the couch. Party = success!

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