Monday, April 2, 2012

10 reasons why my Hubby is the best.

1. He buys me treats when he goes shopping, like a Diet Coke, or cookies, or a Big Bang Theory T-shirt. Just because.
2. He loves our little feline children as much as I do, and takes care of them accordingly.

Look how cute my baby is.
3. He always tries to make me feel better, even when I am pouting without reason.
4. He is fascinated by the collection of lint in his belly button. And presents his collection to me daily.
5. When we fight, he forces hugs upon me until I relent.
6. When he wants to cuddle, he turns over and shoves his butt into my stomach. Understood. I am the Big Spoon tonight.
7. He performs all of the lawn maintenance in the manliest way possible, with cut-off T-shirts and hard rock music.
8. His knee-jerk reaction to strangers is to smile and say "hello" and make small talk when we pass them on the sidewalk. So sweet and small-town friendly. My reaction is to look at my feet and hope they don't try to rob me. *smalltownorbigcity?*
9. He still has the tiny stuffed moose he bought on a family trip from 20 years ago. It's name is Mocha. Say hello, Mocha.
10. He tells me he loves me at least 3 times a day. And means it. And makes me happy and tingly when he does.


  1. Hilarious (but I guess adorable too)!

    1. Well, then he goes and fart-bombs you boys or something I s' long as he's not fart-bombing me!!