Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to the Motherland!

Hubby and I have arrived in Korea for our honeymoon! A week of ridiculous family time with my wacky and lovable relatives, and then a week of touring through the southern half of the country...on a package tour...probably with some wacky and lovable septagenarians.

Blog delay will ensue over the next couple of weeks.

Followed by lots of pics and stories, I promise!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Date Night on a budget...!

On campus, my building is directly next to the student union. And in the basement of the union, there is a chinese place in the food court. And they must have a vent that tunnels out to the door by my building, because thick, heavy, salty wafts of chinese food aromas assault my nostrils every time I leave to go home.

This is all by way of saying I was having a serious jones for chinese food last night. That compiled with the fact that Hubby and I are trying to save monies before our big trip (belated Korean honeymoon, here we come!), inspired our low-budget date night.

Place: Chez Brunner

Event: An indoor living room picnic of take-out chinese food...I fancied it up with some big bottles of wine and silverware.

mmmmmm Szechuan Beef.

I highly suggest indoor picnics as dates. Super budget-friendly and fun! Plus the Twins were playing, so neither of us were really inclined to do much besides watch the game.

Yaaay Twinsies!!!
Welp, the Twinsies lost. To the New York Spankees. Sigh. It was still a good night though, mostly because of my Hubs, chinese food, and of course the ice cream.

I voted for ice cream sammies because the Twins lost.

I'll take any excuse for eating ice cream instead of working out.


Monday, April 16, 2012

The Brunners' Dirty Thirty weekend recap...

Sooo, I was so tired on Sunday that my legs were all tingly and achy. What a weekend!

Let's backtrack. My little seester has gotten into the orthopedics residency program here in Minneapolis (YAY!) and so she drove up on Friday so that she could look at apartments...for to live in. So Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the Shin seesters drove around looking at all manner of domiciles for the Little Seester to live in. Big Seester acted as chauffeur and neighborhood guru.

The apartment hunting was productive, and we looked at all of them by Saturday morning! Hooray! Then, as per SOP, the Seesters then went shopping. Because we like spending money love to shop like to spend time together. After shopping and lunch, we returned home and chaos ensued as I got ready for a BBQ/party I was throwing for the Hubs.

Hubby is almost 30!! I think it's at least a worthwhile milestone in life, if not an exciting one, but Hubs has been a little mope-sy and down in the dumps about it. So I decided to throw a little bash at our house and invite some peeps over so that he could have something 30-esque to excitedly look forward to.


We made a pre-emptive Costco trip earlier in the week so that we could pick up most of the goodies. And so that I could force Hubby to go freezer-diving for a box of Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sammies on sale.

Spelunking at Costco.
Saturday = Day of Party = Day that Angie morphed into a pasta-salad-making, dip-spooning, floor-scrubbing crazy lady.

It turned out to be worth it though, it was a great party with great friends and great food *patsselfonback*.

Hubby ended up dipping into a bottle of scotch that night. Then he rolled around on the kitchen floor trying to pick up crumbs. Then he passed out on the couch. Party = success!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laid-back Date Night...

Boy, has it been one of those days. You know, one of THOSE days...when everything you touch seems to drop on the floor? I managed to drop my wallet, my keys, and my breakfast before I left the house (in a massive hurry no less. I overslept...)

Then I got to school and dropped a couple of glass bottles on the floor of the lab, and I have decided it is time to stop, drink a big mug o' coffee, and gather my bearings (unless I drop them too).

Last night Hubs and I were both late coming home, and I had bought me a Groupon a while ago for a restaurant in our area, so off we went, for a Sarna's Date Night.

Place: Sarna's Grill, in Columbia Heights, just north of our neck-o-the-woods. But not woods. City. It's a sweet little restaurant-slash-bar, a bit generic but they have good food.

Meal: We had a nice Groupon that got us two entrees and two drinks. I ordered a glass of merlot and a T-bone steak. Hubby wanted a glass of chardonnay and the JUMBO SHRIMP DINNER. *nomnomnom*

Hubby and I had a really nice and sweet and serious talk over dinner. Usually we're comparing sports stories we've heard during the day, or perhaps making judgy and snarky comments about other patrons (sorry, but you know you do it too), but tonight we had a little heart-to-heart about our future.

ALERT: In case I don't beat you all over the head with it, I HIGHLY believe that the 2 most important lifelines in a relationship are communication and honesty. Like nothing else comes close to those two. And Hubs and I work pretty hard at keeping both of them around every day.

Long story short, we talked-with both of these tools in mind-about what we see for ourselves in our future, with our careers, and our lives, and our goals.

We have decided that if nothing else, we are going to be raising some beautiful half-Asian babies with each other. Woot.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tiger Woods y'all...Date night recap

Why do I keep saying "TIGERTIGERWOODSY'ALL" like a street thug and not remember what that line is from?? You know you're saying it now too. I heart Tiger, but somehow I keep saying this phrase everytime I see him on TV.
Victory is my middle name.

Anyway, last night I managed to work up enough motivation for Hubby and I to finally make it to the driving range to whack a few balls around. Hubby was delighted, he is consumed by golf during the spring/summer every year, and I am an enthusiastic spectator, and untalented participant.

Place: Les Bolstad Golf Course, driving range. My entire fam is in love with golf. Seester even played during high school and as a college athlete, and that talent somehow skipped me. But Hubs and I split a big bucket of practice balls, and I wiped the dust off my old *akaseesterscastoff* golf clubs.

Activity: Whacking away at bright yellow golf balls, sometimes successfully, mostly unsuccessfully. Golf is fantastic when you're good at it, and hellishly frustrating when you're not. So I attempted mostly to just hit the ball and get it to travel a good distance. Hubby says I did great. Hopefully he is being truthful and not just polite.

Cuteness: Next to us at the range a dad showed up with his 3-ish year old son, to first have a McDonald's picnic and then to hit some balls. Dad was trying to show Sonny how to swing a golf club, perhaps in the hopes of generating another TIGERTIGERWOODSY'ALL. Sonny was more interested in balancing all the balls on tees and generating running commentary on the size of his dad's feet. It was very adorable. Can't you see my Hubbles doing that in a yet-to-be-determined-amount of years, with a mini-Hubbles?

Angie out.

Monday, April 2, 2012

10 reasons why my Hubby is the best.

1. He buys me treats when he goes shopping, like a Diet Coke, or cookies, or a Big Bang Theory T-shirt. Just because.
2. He loves our little feline children as much as I do, and takes care of them accordingly.

Look how cute my baby is.
3. He always tries to make me feel better, even when I am pouting without reason.
4. He is fascinated by the collection of lint in his belly button. And presents his collection to me daily.
5. When we fight, he forces hugs upon me until I relent.
6. When he wants to cuddle, he turns over and shoves his butt into my stomach. Understood. I am the Big Spoon tonight.
7. He performs all of the lawn maintenance in the manliest way possible, with cut-off T-shirts and hard rock music.
8. His knee-jerk reaction to strangers is to smile and say "hello" and make small talk when we pass them on the sidewalk. So sweet and small-town friendly. My reaction is to look at my feet and hope they don't try to rob me. *smalltownorbigcity?*
9. He still has the tiny stuffed moose he bought on a family trip from 20 years ago. It's name is Mocha. Say hello, Mocha.
10. He tells me he loves me at least 3 times a day. And means it. And makes me happy and tingly when he does.