Monday, March 19, 2012

Vroom Vroom Date Night!!

I have been slackin' in the bloggin' lately. Whoops. Life gets in the way of my life sometimes, I swear.

Anyhoo, last week the Hubs and I went on a date night of his choo-choo-choosing. My hubbles is a motor-head. Not in a greasy mechanic kind of way, but in the delightful way that manifests as a DIY car repair, admire muscle cars from afar, and research the best models and manufacturers for buying purposes. In short, he is a DREAM to have around for every day car needs. If you need a car recommendation, ask my Hubby. He's helped friends and co-workers buy and fix their cars, and is always willing to go along to the dealerships/auto shops to make sure someone isn't getting scammed.

Isn't he great?

Last week the Twin Cities had their annual auto show. This is basically where all the big car companies like to roll out their newest models of cars at the Convention Center downtown. Mike always likes to go so he can peruse cars that he wants to buy someday and chat up the sales reps. I like to go because I get to sit in cars I'd never be able to afford (read: Audi) and make beepbeepvroomvroom noises, and eat ice cream and sign up in drawings to win things like a new car or Twins tickets.

Place: Minneapolis Convention Center

Event: The 2012 Twin Cities Auto Show, home of many a vrooom vroom maker.

Cuteness: Hubby gets so excited about cars. I do not get excited about cars, but he was like a kid in a candy store. Except I was making the vrooming noises.

I personally wanted to try out the antique cars. But they were behind a bar, and I was informed that I could not just leap over the partition and jump in the buggies.

Vroom vroom. beep beep.

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