Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snuggly cuddly date night recap.

Have I mentioned that I heart Groupon yet? Because I do. Thanks to Groupon, I get to try restaurants and stores that I'd usually never be able to afford, and Hubby and I get to go on at least a few grand-ish adventures a couple times a month.

I purchased some movie vouchers recently via the magical Groupon, and I've been itchin' to use them up. Is there anything better than a nice movie night? So for date night I had a man and a plan. I was going to be chef-alicious and economical in the kitchen and put a roast in the slow cooker, then we were going to whisk off for a movie!

Unfortunately the theaters are not cooperating with me. I'm not sure what your taste in movies is, but I can tell you that mine includes....none of the movies currently playing in theaters. Therefore, date night was executed in sweatpants.

Much better that way sometimes.

Place: Chez Brunner

Event: Homestyle dinner and a movie. I've been going crazy pinning recipes on Pinterest, so I thought I needed to take a break and actually try some out. I usually comment on how they turn out on Pinterest too, FYI.

The Menu!:

To-die-for Balsamic Pot Roast, from A Cook's Quest via Kalyn at

I couldn't even stop myself to take pictures. Mostly because I overslept then was tearing around the kitchen like a madwoman getting everything into the slow cooker before school. Wherein my hands smelled like onions the rest of the day.

You'll have to make do with the one from the website!

Roast-alicious. Fab-roast-ulous. The balsamic vinegar cooks away slowly until all the vinegary-ness is gone, and all you're left with is this tangy sweet sauce that's unctious and rich from the beef stock and pumped up from the tomato sauce.

Served up with some mashed potatoes (Instant ones from the box, mildly mortifying to my chef's taste but we only had one sad little wrinkly tater in the cupboard) courtesy of my Hubbles, and roasted asparagus.

The Movie!

It's a bit ironic that we stayed in and watched our latest Netflix contribution instead of going out to the movies because there was "nothing good playing there." Because the movie we ended up watching was a doozy of a terrible movie:

thou hast really outdone yourself this time, McBride.
It was quite possibly the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen. Besides The Expendables. But that's another story. Think of this one as a nice mix of Monty Python and the Holy Grail combined with Pineapple Express, with a healthy dose of pervert. It was SOO BAD that it was hilarious.

Mike and I just laughed the whole way through, in our "comfypants", squished onto the loveseat with a couple of cats and a fleece blanket. With a couple of Thin Mints as dessert (They're out, get your Girl Scout Cookies while you can!).


P.S. Hubbles is amazing because...his chest is where my head fits perfectly.

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