Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Valentine's DIY Project

Since we started feeding our feline children in the AMs instead of the PMs, little Maddie has gotten tres annoying in the mornings. Our peaceful Sunday morning slumber was destroyed around 5 this morning as little miss Piggy rooted around the house demanding noms and knocking over valuable things from counters.

After booting her out of the room we slept in late in delicious morning slumber, then I made banana-chocolate chip pancakes for hooman brunch and smelly chicken pate for kitty brunch.

Then Hubby and I commenced our weekend project.

Do you guys remember in elementary school, making little brown paper bag mailboxes in class, then on Valentine's Day everyone brought in little tagboard valentines for everyone and we got to drop them in everyone's bags at their desks? Mom always made me write one for everyone in my class, even if I didn't like them. *Humphbutshewasright*.

This year Hubby and I decided to go nostalgic and make our own Valentine's boxes, then write silly kids' Valentines to each other. In preparation, after we wolfed down our pancakes, it was arts-and-crafts Sunday. Construction paper, stickers, scissors and glue, oh my!

Hubby is a Type A-engineer for projects, if nothing else, so he was determined to have a well designed and executed mailbox for his Valentines.

oh what's in here, mom?
Maddie also decided to help.
i can haz valentine?


I was more interested in stickers than in precision, whereas Mike's was a picture of exactitude-ness.

We got married on September cute is my Hubbles?

I am Mike's wiffles.
All set for Valentine deliveries!! I put a few pre-emptive candies in for Hubbles, mostly so that he wouldn't eat all the ones I bought for my other valentines.

I also decided to send kids' Valentines to my co-workers. Maddie also decided to help with these.

we can do dis togetherz.
puppies and kitties with instant tattoos! how adorbs.
hey i thought you were going to help!
i iz halping. i resting so u can workz.
What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day?

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