Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-Superbowl fatigue syndrome...

Hello Monday, you seem to have arrived a little too fast for my taste this week. Somehow every time we decide to have "a casual get-together" at our house I somehow whip myself into a hostesswiththemostest-type frenzy regardless of how low-key we intend the event to be. This Sunday was no exception, we were just having a few people over to watch two teams nobody really cared about (sorry to Giants and Pats fans, we just aren't in your posse), drink some interesting beers, and give me the opportunity to use some of the fancy serving platters we got as wedding gifts. Of course I got carried away.

Otherwise known as cooking too many fabulous things for three times as many people as we have invited, scrubbing places that only ants can see in our house like the underside of the radiators, and flying around shoving clutter in random drawers that we will never find again.

The wonderful part about hosting parties---which I really do love to do despite my neurotic behavior--is that not only are the bashes tres fun because our friends are amazing, but Hubby is very diligent about helping with cleaning up the post-party carnage with me. Once again indulging my neurotic cleaning tics.

This leads to a conversation I've had with my married girlfriends numerous times...who does what chores in the household? I always say *halfjokingofcourse* that Hubbles thinks he does about 50% of the chores, when he really only does somewhere around 15-20%. Which is mostly true regarding the interior of our home, mostly because I have minor OCD symptoms when it comes to cleaning. I refer you back to my comment about cleaning radiators.

BUT what I fail to credit my lovely husband for is that he really maintains most of the house from the walls out! Not to mention our cars, the lawn, the bills...

Things I do around the house (mostly):
cooking food
cleaning the bathroom, kitchen *superOCDlike*
sweeping, mopping, cleaning the floors
buying the groceries
paying the rent

Things Hubbles does around the house (mostly):
car maintenance - insuring, fixing, filling with gas
lawn maintenance - mowing, weeding, watering
home repairs
organizing/paying the bills
shoveling snow *thankyouthankyou*
take out/sort the trash and recycling

Things we usually both do:
kitty maintenance (feeding, cleaning up)
argue about who does the dishes more often
break our computer

Now Hubby and I have been co-habitating for a while now, so these things have sort of naturally fallen in line along with our talents (aka I am car-illiterate so Hubs does everything there). How do you guys divide the chores??

P.S. Hubby is awesome because...he always helps me clean when I ask. :)
i am hubby, hear me roar.
as i stand in knee-deep snow i have to shovel.

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