Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras Date Night!

My goodness, was it ever a mardi gras night. Not in the New Orleans, showmeyourgoodiesforbeads way, but in the literal sense of FAT TUESDAY.

For those of you who aren't from the Twin Cities, and also might be from a coastal area where seafood is a-plenty, I envy you. I lovelovelove seafood, and here in landlocked MN it's always more expensive and less taste-ilicious than anywhere else I go. But we must make do with what we have, correct?

I bought a Groupon a while ago, and so Hubs and I made use of it for Date Night this week. Budgeting tip! We try not to eat out unless we have a coupon of some kind. We're not always successful at this, but we try pretty hard.

Thus ensued the Brunners' FAT TUESDAY date night.

Place: Stella's Fish Cafe in Uptown Minneapolis, very popular and hip locale, complete with rooftop patio (where, in the middle of February in Minnesota, we did not go to sit).

Menu: Gluttony came in the form of a Groupon for a Lobster-Bake Dinner for Two. Complete with drinks, salad, and dessert, I'm fairly sure Hubbles and I consumed about 39556483956 calories in a 2 hour period. But it was so delicious. Plus we got little plastic bibs with lobsters that said "Time to get Crackin!"

demolished. nomnomnom.
Couples Cute Moment: Hubby and I were pretty jazzed about this Groupon. Well, me more so than him, I like to eat. I like seafood. Ergo, I like to eat seafood. But it was pretty exciting for both of us. We spent the whole week getting ready for our LAHB-STAH dinn-AH. Yes, that is what we called it.

Yeah! Now all I have to do is run about 75 miles in order to work off that dinner.

P.S. Hubbles is awesome because...he thinks it's cute when I inhale lobster in public. With a bib.

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