Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bronchitis date night

Sigh, for those of you lovely people hoping for a fantastical date night, well, I'm also in your crew. Sadly it was not to be so. As much as my brain was saying yayayadatenightletsdosomethingfabalas  my body and the wheezy lungs replied nocandosistatoomuchphlegm.

Also maybe too much information. Was that an overshare? Are you not supposed to talk about phlegm on blogs?

Too late now.

Hubby and I just recapped a previous date night locale for our weekly Tuesday date night. He was in "da mood" for a burger, and I was in "da mood" not to have to cook, and we were both in "da mood" to watch some Wisconsin Badger basketball!

Place: Back to good ol' Joe Senser's, home of 17 giant TVs and all the sports you could watch!

Event: Our beloved Badgers throwin' down on the court with the Minnesota Gophers. You'd think that this would have drawn a bigger crowd, seeing as we are IN Minnesota. But really all we saw were a couple of hockey fans and a booth with two girls in Wisconsin T-shirts. If I hadn't been all full of congestion I probably would have gone over and high-fived them.

Long story short, we ate some greasy burgers and mopped up with some fries. Then returned home at halftime so I could watch the rest of the game in sweatpants and flopping on the couch with a kitty to keep me company.

Lame, I know, but not even all of my fabalas date nights can be as fabalas as we all imagine them to be. Which is a new word I picked up via Pinterest and a picture that made me laugh until I cried.


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