Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Badger Date Night!

On Wisconsin! Go Badgers!

Hubby and I are big University of Wisconsin fans. Well, to say big is a slight understatement. What other descriptive could I use??...




Yes, those are more appropriate words. And to top it off we are both big sports fans in general. I know, did he hit the jackpot with me or what? haha.

This is all by way of saying that our date night last night revolved around Badger sports. The mens' basketball team was playing last night, so Mike and I decided to have some greasy bar food and watch the game on a big screen.

Place: Joe Senser's in Roseville

Activity: Eating strange hamburgers and watching our Badgers beat the Penn State Nittany Lions in a Big Ten basketball brawl.

i do like peanut butter...
Gross Moment of the night: When Hubby ordered the "Crazy Elvis" burger. Toppings on this burger involved, mayonnaise, bacon *blechihatebacon*, pickles, and PEANUT BUTTER.


Hubbles claims it was delicious and that he would "definitely order it again." But I remain skeptical. And for once, bacon was not the ingredient that turned me off from a menu item.
I guess as long as the King likes it...

P.S. Hubby is awesome because...he will order dessert even if he doesn't want any so that I can eat two bites of it. Then he will finish it off for me.

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