Monday, January 23, 2012

I do...! I shouldn't have..!

We-ell, it is 6:24 on a Monday evening, Hubbles is off to his bowling league (I promise he is not an old man, he just loves to bowl...lord does he ever)...and I am at home with a bowl of reheated dinner and on kitty duty.

Remember how Morph was off to the vet with a plugged weewee? UPDATE: He had bladder stones. I mean man oh man!
i haz WHA???

Long story short, he had surgery on Friday, we brought him home Saturday, and we've been playing post-op kitty nurse ever since (I so hope he gets better as the vet said he would). SO...

Since I have an evening of laidback interwebs-ing and kitty-medicating ahead, I thought I'd share with you my latest thoughts on wedding planning...!!! *gasp*

Wedding planning wasn't the worst thing I did in my life, but it ranks up there...along with getting my wisdom teeth removed. And my sister-in-law just got engaged, so I get to experience it from the other side now *yaymuchbetter*

So here are a few niblets of advice...just some things I learned while plugging away.

P.S. Hubby is wonderful because...he owns 5 bowling balls and lovingly cleans them in the middle of the living room.

Mistakes I made akanonodon'tdothis:
1. If you want only adults at your wedding PUT IT ON THE INVITATION. I had way too many awkward conversations dis-inviting children. blargh.

2. Inviting everyone that everyone told me to. Your wedding, your guest list, your decision.

3. Trying to do everything myself. The Hubs was perfectly willing and capable of large part due to his love of excel spreadsheets. I had to let go.

We so strong. Rar.

4. Trying to do everything on paper. I am..yes, I will admit...a few years behind the times, but I had way too many scraps of notepads and post-it notes of stuff that I didn't remember writing a week later. Digital is the way to go.

5. Stressing out and starting fights with hubby because of wedding planning. It was a rough few months, and you know what? It turns out it's really really not that big of a deal in the long run.


I do! and so should you!:
1. PLAN AHEAD!! Ahead ahead ahead. I cannot tell you how many times a vendor said *ohthankgodyou mentionedthatweneedtoplanaheadforthat* or something to that effect. Party planning is in the details. And OF COURSE your wedding is a very special day in your life, the beginning of a wonderful journey blahblahblah. But logistically it is just a MASSIVE PAR-TAY. Which requires planning ahead.

2. Putting your foot down is not a bad thing.

3. Your wedding party should include people who are willing to grow mustaches for you. Yes, not everyone's cup o'tea, but it was mine, and these boys brought the fire.

My girls were amazing too, if i liked girls i'd be on that like white on rice.

4. Think about what is truly important to you, and prioritize time, money, effort, in that order. Example: Important to me: great photos, family, food. Unimportant: types of flowers, matching outfits, cake.

5. HIRE A DAY-OF WEDDING COORDINATOR. This should actually be number 1 on the list. Single greatest decision I made. She did everythingandimeaneverything. And did it with a smile. for those brides-to-be in the Twin Cities. Ask for Meredith.

6. Keep your eyes on your soon-to-be, and everything else just fades into the background. 

And we lived happily...well, you know.

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